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La Residencia Natural is a brand new wooden three-unit beachfront villa located on the secluded beach of Punta Vieja, a safe swimming beach in the island of Bastimentos, across the Zapatillas Cays of the Bastimentos National Marine Park. The villa is conveniently located at a walking distance from the Al Natural Resort, our boutique eco resort located on the same beach, witch offer many services.

Each loftlike apartment provides a fully equipped kitchen with a full size stove and electrical fridge, terrasses with incredible seaview, many ceiling fans, and bedroom with ortopedic matress. All with design wooden furniture. Each large private terrace is overlooking a wide white sand beach and the inviting waters of the lagoon. It is always safe to swim in front of the villa.


The rate includes water, electricity and WIFI. Complementary use of sit-on kayaks, pick-up at Bocas airport, the boat transfer, at fixed times from Bocas town to La Residencia Natural in Bastimentos island and the return to Bocas town at the end of the stay are all included in the rate (transferts as discribed in the section ARRIVALS - Bastimentos Island - of this website). At your arrival, we will take you around town to facilitate the buying of the grocery and all you need to get before your departure to the islands. The boat transfer from the Al Natural Landing in Bocas town to La Residencia is a very scenic 45 minutes boat rides though the waters of the Bastimentos Marine park. Please note that cleaning of the apartment during the stay is not included. Service of a maid, cook, and/or babysitter are easily available at affordable rate. Massage service is also offered. If you need laundry, we will take them to town to a laundry facility. Please bring your own biodegradable shampoo and conditioner, we provide biodegradable dishwhasher soap.


To go to Bocas town, the easiest is to go along with one of the daily boat trips that our nearby hotel the Al Natural Resort does everyday. The cost is only $10.00 per person and you can obtain at the hotel the day before the exact schedule of the boat transfer of the following day. Usually there is one boat in the morning, leaving Bastimentos between 8:00 and 9:30 AM and coming back at around noon. Many days we also have a boat in the afternoon leaving Bastimentos at around 2:30 PM and departing from Bocas between 4:30 - 5:30 PM. To spend a whole day in Bocas, you could, for instance, go to Bocas town in the morning with our boat and coming back with our afternoon boat. You can also go with one of our transfer and come back with a special boat just for you at the time you decide, the cost of such private transfer is $50.00 when it is possible for Al Natural to provide such service. Otherwise, the other solution is to use taxi boats from town, if you order a boat from town to come and pick you up in Bastimentos or to take you back to Bastimentos from Bocas, its is $65.00 to $80.00 for the boat.

Zapatillas islands


La Residencia Natural is located on a beautiful wide sand beach very private looking towards reefs and the islands of Zapatillas. The surrounding area of the apartments is very beautiful and peaceful. The beach in front of the villa is made of very fine white sand, it is great to stroll, play racket ball, or take the sun. This is one of the nicest stretch of beach in the area. Swimming in the lagoon in front of the villa is always safe. There are other beaches around the point, wilder but smaller and more exposed to the waves of the Caribbean sea, and more dangerous too, that you can walk to. You can walk also to the Indian village of Salt Creek. You can explore the reefs in the lagoon in front of the residence by using the kayaks or with one of the tour offered by the nearby Al Natural Resort. 

Indeed, la Residencia is conveniently located at a walking distance from the Al Natural Resort, our boutique eco resort located on the same beach. The resort is at less than 8 minutes walk from La Residencia and there will be the possibility of having a boat taking you back to the Residencia at night if you were coming to dine at the resort for instance.You can enjoy all the tours offered by the resort, which will take you to the best snorkel spots in the archipelago (Zapatillas islands, corral Keys, and other secret spots). Also, there is the large idyllic white sand beach of Zapatillas islands that is very attractive. Long beach, in the national park of Bastimentos island is also accessible either by boat (when the sea allowed it) or by trekking. Al Natural organizes various trekking along the beaches of Bastimentos.

The hotel organize fishing tour and also boat tours through several mangrove rivers with a visit to the Indian villages of Salt Creeks, to Dolphin Bay, to Red Frog Beach or to Bastimentos town, which is at a short walk distance of First Beach. Please note that now Al Natural is also offering diving tours and certifications at the Zapatillas Dive Club. Al Natural is the best spot to offer the most exclusive dives in the whole archipelago; please contact me if you are interested. Detailed and current rate can be found in our wed site, please goooogol al natural and click on the site of al natural resort. At the pages TOURS and ZAPATILLAS' DIVE CENTER. 

The day you do not want to cook, you can also join the table of Al Natural Resort for dinner. Please reserve your presence at least half a day in advance. The cost of a dinner is $35.00 per person, including a cocktail and a three course delicious meal. Dinners are served family style and at fixed hour (8:00 PM for dinner, with aperitif starting at 7:00PM). This is a great occasion to try our kitchen and meet great people. There is another place located on the same beach which offer also restaurant services.

If interested, Al Natural Resort offers also special honeymoon or anniversary night dinner. It includes a special five courses gourmet diner served in the most romantic setting: the bohio built at the end of our dock. You eat there in complete intimacy with candle lights, facing the sunset; the dinner is accompanied by tropical aperitif, champagne, white and red wines. Except special requests, you will have the opportunity to try many dishes made of the best local fresh seafood and fishes. Previous clients have been very pleased with this service. The price for this special romantic evening is an additional $140.00 for the couple. Please indicate to me if you are interested.

La Residencia Natural offers a very unique balance between privacy living and having access to all the services offered by a well established eco-resort. 

Residencia Natural


Please note that in June and July our nearby hotel Al Natural Resort is close and that some time during the low season (May to November) it might be close from time to time too. During those time, you will be well taking care of as well as you will have your own guardian/concierge/captain at the villa, Mr. Demetrio Becker. He will have accessed to one of our boat and will be able to take you to any tours you want to do or back to Bocas for more shopping if you need too, and arrange for you kayaks or whatever you need. A trip to Bocas is $50.00 back and forth (45' each way). Rates of the tours can be found at the page TOURS of our web site: Please note that you will benefit from a 10% discount out off these published rates as it will be best if you can bring your own drinks and snack for the tour. Also we have available for you right there a lady who can help you to clean or cook if you wanted to (the wife of Demetrio). Shall you wanted to dine out, there is another hotel down the beach with a clubhouse where you can have drinks or eat. This is truly a very peaceful place, where you will be still connected to all thanks to our new internet service which works very well.

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